Despite the effort of Nepal Government and Civil Societies, still large number of Nepalese women face problem in destination countries especially those going as domestic workers due to lack of information, lack of knowledge of language, skill and capacity. Many are deported from the destination countries empty handed, with mental problem, injured and even without family contact in home country.

They land at the Tribhuvan International Airport in a distressed situation without any family members to receive them. Due to the frequent ban imposed on women migrant workers to the Gulf as domestic workers, most of them are trafficked through illegal channels and thus in undocumented status. Realizing the need of shelter service to distress women migrant workers in home country AMKAS Nepal initiated a shelter service center since September 2017 with the nine years shelter support experience.

AMKAS Shelter has till now supported more than six hundred fifty distress women migrant workers especially returnees from the Gulf and Malaysia supported by Winrock International ubder the Hamro Samman Program since 12th June 2019.

Services provided by shelter:

  1. Shelter service (आवास)
  2. Food  (खाना )
  3. Communication with family  (परिवारसंग सम्पर्क)
  4. First Aid Service with physical check up  (प्राथमिक उपचार तथा शारीरिक जांच)
  5. Medical Checkup  (स्वास्थ्य उपचार)
  6. Mental Health Treatment ( मानशिक स्वास्थ्यको उपचार)
  7. Psycho Social Counseling ( मनोसामाजिक परामर्श)
  8. Paralegal support ( कानुनी परामर्श /सेवा)
  9. Safe Abortion of unwanted pregnancy according to the Government policy. (सुरक्षित गर्बपतन)
  10. Safe Delivery if pregnancy is already nine months. (सुरक्षित सुत्केरी)
  11. Transportation (Bus fare for client to travel home ( गाडी भाडा)
  12. Family Counseling ( पारिवारिक परामर्श)
  13. Referrals ( आवश्यकता अनुसार अरु ठाउमा सिफारिश )
  14. Follow up