Bansbari Road, Maharajgunj, KTM

Empowering minds and shaping futures!

March 5, 2024

AMKAS Nepal’s team at Koshi Province achieved a milestone as they skillfully guided 41 eager participants from Sunsari and Morang through the enlightening Golden Dreams App Training. 🙌✨ Enthusiasm filled the air throughout the day-long session, where attendees not only mastered the app but also realized they’re on the path to becoming future leaders. 🚀🌱
From captivating introductions to Golden Dreams to delving deep into CV drafting, the session was an engaging journey. 📝🧑‍💼 Questions flowed freely, reflecting the hunger for knowledge and growth. 🤔💬 The success of the training was palpable, and we’re thrilled to announce that the torchbearers of this session will soon ignite the next phase of learning for other students and community leaders. 🔥🌏
Against the backdrop of Bhedetar’s tranquil chill, in the heart of Dharan-4, a bond was forged between learning and the beauty of nature. 🏔️❄️ The participants embraced the wisdom shared with open hearts, all while being cradled in the lap of the stunning weather. ☀️❤️ Here’s to dreams nurtured, knowledge gained, and a brighter horizon ahead. 🌠🌈 #AMKASNepal #GoldenDreamsTraining #Empowerment #EducationForAll
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