Despite the importance of domestic work to individual households and to national economies, domestic workers have been routinely excluded from standard labor protections and are often subject to exploitative work conditions and abuse. The COVID-19 pandemic has even worsened their working and living conditions as well as exacerbated their vulnerabilities. Since the adoption of ILO Convention 189 on decent work for domestic workers, many countries around the world have worked to improve their protection. On June 16th, AMKAS celebrated the 10th anniversary of Convention 189 “Commemorating domestic workers and urging countries to ratify C189 and ensure the rights of domestic workers worldwide by soft launching of #marigoldcampaign. To continue the advocacy strategy AMKAS on 26th July organized the consultation on #Ratification_of_ILO_C189 at Basera Boutique hotel garnering participation of 50 ( joining physically and virtually) National based stakeholders, like minded organizations, donor organizations, media, trade union, migration network and others and launched the #marigold_campaign and gained the commitments from the participants to make it a national campaign and work collectively to ratify ILO C189.