Shelters Recognition

AMKAS Nepal is Happy to announce that National Network of Women Shelters has been formed (2077/08/29)with the composition of 23 shelter operating organizations. The objectives of the Network is to lobby to the Concerned Governments & Constitutional Bodies for the recognition of the shelters as essential service to survivors of DV & GBV. Saathi is […]

The Asia Foundation: “Sunaulo Mauka Project” Phase I and II (Completed)

AMKAS Nepal implemented the “Sunaulo Mauka” Project to promote greater income security, and safer, more productive employment among Nepali migrant workers and their families. The goal of the Sunaulo Mauka project was to strengthen the capacity of migrant workers to engage with the formal financial sector and the world of work by expending the capabilities […]

Governance Facility Research (completed)

The objectives of the partnership with Governance Facility was conducted a research on “Impact of Women’s Foreign Labor Migration on the Socio Economic status of women and their family: A Study of Returned Women Migrant Workers in Morang and Sunsari” as a part of knowledge production of the GF. The outcome of the research was […]


We believe in partnerships and the power of collective bargaining. Partnerships don’t just serve to proliferate the gravity of the agendas we carry but also bring in wider attention to what we do! Hence, we actively seek to develop and sustain healthy partnerships among the government agencies, national and international like-minded organizations, and UN and international forums and alliances.

Policy Advocacy

Each of our programs are used to generate evidence for the policy advocacy efforts. Policy advocacy at AMKAS is carried out to achieve the sustainability of the changes brought about by our programs.


The comparative late realization of the role of financial literacy among the migrant community for an advanced use of migratory cycle has provided reasons to do much in the field.

Awareness Generation

Aware members of the society are the building blocks for bringing about the desired change. Despite efforts from various stakeholders, the awareness level among the aspirant and returnee migrants and their families remains low in terms of accessing services from the government, and demanding their rights.

Media Mobilization

Media plays a crucial role in shaping migration agendas in the country and beyond. The stories from AMKAS along with opinion pieces are well positioned to start, develop and sustain impacts on the rights and interest of migrant workers and their families.

Ethical Recruitment Practices

AMKAS has been working with the government and non-government partners including recruitment agencies to ensure the ethical recruitment practices are implemented. As directed by our strategic goals, AMKAS has currently been designing and implementing various programs aimed at ethical recruitment in the field of foreign employment.