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Success Stories – Clodagh

February 27, 2024

Hi there! I’m Clodagh from Ireland. I’m volunteering at AMKAS Nepal for the month of November and I am eager to shine a light on the resilience of migrant workers, with a particular focus on the pressing issue of human trafficking and its far reaching consequences.

Case number AKS-001688

Human trafficking is in every country, province and state. Let’s raise our voices louder to emphasise how, together, we can stop human trafficking.

AMKAS recently worked on a case which provides firsthand insight into this ongoing global issue. The study exposes the harrowing tale of an Ugandan woman deceived into becoming a victim of modern day slavery. A woman operating under the name of Natasha orchestrated a deceptive scheme in Kathmandu, Nepal luring women with promises of high paying jobs and an improved quality of live.

Unfortunately upon arrival, Natasha exposed her true intentions, duping a victim into expecting roles like cleaning and waitressing. Employing coercion and confinement within a hotel, Natasha compelled the victim into engaging in sexual acts with Nepali and Indian men.

The victim bravely sought refuge and justice by filing a complaint with Nepal Police’s Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau. The Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau referred the case to AMKAS Nepal, providing comprehensive support to the victim, including legal and psychosocial aid, leading to her successful return to Uganda.

This story highlights the vulnerability of migrant workers especially women and the need for awareness, stringent law enforcement and support systems to combat exploitation and protecting individuals from falling prey to human trafficking networks.

Case number AKS 0001817

Human trafficking in a crime that affects millions of people around the world.

Our latest case study tells the story about how a 29 year old Nepali woman traveled to Saudi Arabia under the impression that she would work as a domestic worker in Kuwait for a specific wage. However, upon arrival, she discovered she had been deceived and taken to Saudi Arabia instead. Her attempts to return to the agent who facilitated her journey were unsuccessful and she was forced to work to pay off an alleged debt. The woman was later repatriated to Nepal by her employer but faced challenges pursuing legal action due to inadequate documentation. AMKAS Nepal worked to seek compensation from the agent but unfortunately were met with numerous challenges as a result of a lack of proper paperwork.

This case in particular highlights the complex issues surrounding human trafficking, labor exploitation, and the lack of effective legal recourse for individuals in similar situations.

Through AMKAS’s continuous efforts in this field, we endeavour to actively contribute to this crucial conversation. Addressing such issues is crucial to safeguarding individuals’ seeking better

opportunities abroad and prevent any form of exploitation.

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