Bansbari Road, Maharajgunj, KTM

Marigold Campaign

February 20, 2024

The Marigold Campaign initiated by AMKAS Nepal serves as a groundbreaking and symbolic movement advocating for the ratification of the Domestic Workers Convention, ILO C189. Harnessing the powerful global symbolism of the Marigold
flower—a widely available yet often overlooked bloom—the campaign strives to ignite a worldwide call to action urging governments to endorse and implement this crucial international agreement.

The Marigold, revered for its connotations of honor and respect across cultures, represents a paradox—despite its ubiquitous presence, its significance often goes unnoticed. AMKAS Nepal strategically leverages this paradox to draw attention to the plight of domestic workers, particularly women, and to demand justice, equality, and empowerment for these marginalized laborers.

By associating the Marigold with a call for the ratification of ILO C189, AMKAS Nepal seeks to reshape the narrative surrounding migration and labor rights. The campaign aims to transcend borders, bringing together diverse communities, organizations, and governments under a unified banner advocating for the rights of domestic workers worldwide. This innovative approach not only creates awareness but also emphasizes the urgency and necessity of ratifying ILO C189. It is a symbolic representation of a larger movement striving for a future where the rights of millions of domestic workers are safeguarded and upheld across the globe.

AMKAS Nepal’s Marigold Campaign stands as a testament to the power of symbolism, leveraging a universally recognized flower to spark conversations, evoke empathy, and galvanize action toward a world where justice prevails and every worker is valued, respected, and protected.