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Our Campaign

We are working for Nepali migrant women's rights

Specializing in working with and for Nepali women workers, both domestic and migrant, AMKAS has garnered widespread recognition as a pioneering organization in the field, despite its relatively short period of existence.

OUR shelter home

AMKAS Shelter has, since 2017, supported more than six hundred and fifty distressed women

Despite the effort of the Nepali Government and Civil Societies, large numbers of Nepali women still face problems in foreign countries especially those going as domestic workers due to lack of information, language, skill, and capacity. Many are deported from the countries they have worked in with mental health problems, injuries, and even without family contacts in their home country. They land at the Tribhuvan International Airport extremely distressed and without any family members to receive them. Due to frequent bans on immigrant female domestic workers to the Gulf, many women are trafficked through illegal channels and thus in undocumented status. Realizing the need of a shelter service for afflicted women migrant workers in their home country, AMKAS Nepal established a shelter service centre in September 2017. AMKAS Shelter has, since 2017, supported more than six hundred and fifty women migrant workers, mostly returnees from Gulf countries and Malaysia with the support of Winrock International under the Hamro Samman Program since 12th June 2019.

AMKAS Shelter Home Services